So it’s that time of the month again and the penultimate issue of the Sunday Singles Zine Club is nearly ready. As with last month there will be a minor delay with subscriptions going out in the post, unfortunately this cannot be helped and as always your tireless patience is well and truly appreciated!

I’m super happy and honoured to be working with even more awesome photographers in this next issue, so without any further shenanigans…

Sunday Singles Club Issue 4 

Featuring -

Monika Levchenkova

Rumi Baumann

Katherine Mitchell

Naomi Wood

Tosh Zayha

Jaclyn Wright

Levi Mandel

Vladislav Andrievsky

William Pitt

Emily Baker

Cover Image - Monika Levchenkova

(Pre-orders are still available for the next 48 hours, so if you want a copy, do not sleep on it!)

I am fortunate enough to have a photo in the new issue of sunday singles club. Go order a copy if you haven’t already.

My creative process

At the river yesterday with some new friends

An old one from around 2008.